Our Partners


Evangelism is at the heart of CV, and we carry a strong desire to serve and equip Christians, and the local church, in their evangelistic endeavours.

Questioning Christianity

Connecting the Christian story to life’s deepest questions.

Wild Bible

Our aim is to simply create a cartoon version of the Bible that is easy for kids of all ages to watch and share, in a format they are familiar with – cartoon animated videos.

United Evangelistic Council

The United Evangelistic Council is an evangelical not for profit organisation that exists to encourage and sponsor the promotion of the Christian gospel in Australia.

Lost Sheep

When Jesus wanted to change lives he told stories. That’s what we do at Lost Sheep. Some of our stories are about Jesus, some are by Jesus, but all of them point to Jesus.


Logosdor exists to serve and equip the Body of Christ around the world, as it shares Jesus with children, families, and communities.

Quiz Worx

Quiz Worx exists to share Jesus with kids everywhere.