Author Name: Teupola Waqainabete

Author Bio: Teupola is the Coordinator for Fiji Missions at the Bible Society in the South Pacific. She is a daughter, a sister and a friend with a heart for God and a passion to see God’s word impact hearts and lives across the South Pacific.


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One needs to know the truth to be able to find the way to life.

Jesus says that anyone who has seen him (Jesus) has seen God the Father. When Jesus was on earth, he showed everyone what God was like. Jesus was loving and kind, showing us God is loving and kind. Jesus was always good, showing us that God is always good. Jesus showed us that God answers prayers, and that God hates sin. Jesus is the living truth of God.

In whatever circumstances of your life, you’re in, remember there is a God who sees you. There is Jesus who can comfort you. There is a God who can help you fix your financial troubles. There is God who can give you the peace of mind during depression. There is a God who can help you out of addiction. There is a God who can help you through your academic struggles. There is a God who can be your friend if you are struggling in your friend circle.

To be able to find life, you need to witness the truth which is Jesus. When that truth is believed, then you can be able to find the way to life. How Jesus came to live on earth is the way to live; how he held himself, the principles he lived by — those are the truth that we should live by. As Christians we are called to imitate what Jesus came to do, how he lived, how he helped.

Because Jesus is God, believing in him is the way to have a relationship with God. You can’t believe in any other famous name or any other religious person to have a relationship with the God of the Bible, the one true God. Only through believing in Jesus.


Heavenly Father. You are the way, the truth and life. Help us to have a relationship with you through Jesus Christ. Amen.