Start living life with Him.

If you’re looking to start building relationship with God, here are few tips about how to keep growing in your new life with him.

  1. Keep asking God for help. The first thing to do – and keep doing – is to talk to God about anything and everything, and to ask him for his help as you live the new life with him.
  2. Keep reading the Bible. The words of the Bible are the way God speaks to us today. When we read the Bible, we hear God’s voice, learn more about his love and understand more of how he wants us to live.
  3. Join a church. God designed us to live with him and his people. The church is the place where you can be fed from God’s word, learn to pray and be encouraged in your faith in Jesus.
  4. Go deeper with Alpha – Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that create space for people to explore life, faith and meaning in an open and honest environment. It’s about connection, content and conversation, and runs in churches all across Australia. Everyone is welcome at Alpha, and no question is off limits. Alpha is 100% free and all the videos, resources, training and promotional materials you need to get started are available at